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Urban Atelier

Typology: Housing, Atelier, Gallery

Size: 136 000 sqft

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: Spring 2010

Instructor: Josep Ferrando Baramona

Atelier Barcelona situate itself as a flexible work space that mediates the relationship between public to private and live to work. Within the city grid of Barcelona is a logic of division that provides internal passage while expanding the blocks facade to increase light and air. The atelier continues this division to maximize it's facade to serve the function of public/artist interface. Further division and an introduced push creates an occupiable space extending the passage from circulation to function. The private nature of the Atelier requires that these swollen internal passages not be fully accessible to the public and access is reserved for open galleries and events. The flexible permeability of the block as a whole is carried out on increasingly smaller scale as it facilitates the exterior and interior exhibition space as well as the work/live apartments.

The Barcelona City block taken through a series of of divisions morphing the character of the block as an urban scaled object.
Circulation | Sight lines | Work, Exhibition, Circulation Blend
Anatomy of an Atelier
Level 1: Atelier | Gallery | Retail
Level 3: Atelier | Secondary Exhibition Space
Level 4-11: Live/Work Apartments
Each apartment functions as a two bedroom apartment and workspace above. Each office is given its own entrance making it appropriate for a professional use. This blend of living and working space that manages to merge the two without one overstepping its boundary. The configuration also allows the apartment to change as the needs of the occupant evolve; able to switch from live work/studio, to three bedroom house, and to split into two independent apartments.
Interior Blend | Continuous Circulation | Views | Wet Area | Bedrooms
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