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Nuclear Theater

Typology: Performance Space, Office, Theater

Size: 684 000 sqft

Location: Chicago, IL

Date: Fall 2009

Instructor: Jimenez Lai

Within the theater building the collective network of public spaces emerges in a thick field. This field of public spaces functions as a social collector as well as providing opportunities for in the unique environments. These spaces provide a performance environment ore suitable to experimental theater than traditional theatrical productions. These social-nuclei and their adjacent social mixer work together to create a poly-centric field condition that defines the buildings volumes.

Each performance space takes on a specific volumetric and atmospheric quality that gives each of them a unique character. This character allows each space to to attract a variety of activities and people.
As the volumes organize themselves according to a combination of internal and external stimuli they form an organizational network. From this organizational network auxiliary program grows outward from these centers. Sequentially the hotel and office program grow outwards filling out the remainder of the given volume.
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