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Nested Cellular Field

Typology: Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication

Size: 1 000 sqft

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: Spring 2010

Instructor: Marta Male, Cesar Cazares

Mass Fallacy: Mass Customization, touted as the savior set to deliver architecture from the limitations of mass production comes with it a new set of problems that must be addressed. When all parts of the whole become unique they require a level of attention during assembly and information/material management not necessary in a repetitive system. The benefit of the repetitive system is that assembly may be done quickly as less time is devoted to figuring the specifics of the unit; the case is often such that the time spent finding the answer to one question may be applied in a series. This project seeks to establish a similar level of efficiency in mass customization that takes advantage of digital fabrication and parametric systems in aid of the design without overpowering it.

Base Geometry
Field Repetition
Volumetric Split
Volumetric Tiling and Reassembly
Final Geometry
Cut Template | Assembly Technique
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