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The Cloud

Typology: Parametric Housing

Size: 1 573 000 sqft

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: Fall 2010

Instructor: Ross Wimer, Julie Flohr

A parametric seed is developed that contains the necessary information to grow from a multiplicity of site conditions into a final form that is unique in each instanciation's specific characteristics without deviating from the desired overall qualities. The seed connects a series of access points where the form touches the ground. It then seeks to separate itself from the ground by lifting itself from the ground based on inputs from the surrounding area as well as the network of nodes that drives the perimeter. This results in a cloud like structure that creates and protects a public space below the structure. This superstructure is then subdivided to form the semi-porous cells that form the housing modules.

Input from the selected site is feed into the parametric seed. The seed processes this information and returns a series of related node based on the input and a set of relationship parameters. This information is further processed to generate a surface that responds the topological variations with consideration to the node sets.
Inputs from the site and return a variety of solutions.
An ideal variant is selected from a number of candidates.
The parametric system is pushed further as a series of divisions and subdivisions result in a cellular geometry suitable for housing units.
Typical Housing Units
Unit Construction
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