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Typology: Athletic Club + Recreation Center

Size: 130 000 sqft

Location: Columbus, OH

Date: Winter 2008

Instructor: Marc Manack

A program composed of two part, the private athletic club and the public recreation center, guides the development of this project. It develops the relationship between public and private through formal manipulations/relations, conjoining program, and a thick skin. The interweaving of distinct elements build the relationships by way of explicit and implicit exposures and divisions.

The public running path weaves itself through and binds together the public recreation center and the private club. This continuous path mediates a variety of spacial and programmatic elements while activating the buildings facade. The varied topography of the path provides an alternative running experience to the flat topography of the city.
The regular grid of the skin allows the buildings character to define itself through the variation in skin thickness and the carving of the path. This variation in thickness allows visual privacy without restricting views from the interior.
Entrance/Street Elevation
Perspective Section
Recreation Center Basket Ball Courts
Club Event Space
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